LABi³ - international, interdisciplinary, innovative

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What is LABi³?

What's going on

Research and Learning Development

Innovative Teamwork and Teaching - Design Thinking

The method of design thinking supports to set free the innovative potential in everyone: challenges are examined from the perspective of a specific target group to comprehensively illuminate underlying facts and possibilities. Subsequently, problem-solving begins: creative techniques enable everyone to think outside the box, make new connections, and turn abstract ideas into reality. Problem-solving prototypes are designed and tested adequately. Whenever tasks become complex and different groups of people are involved, the design thinking process provides immense added value.

LABi3 applies the method of design thinking to establish prototypes for innovative international teaching formats together with partner universities and faculties of the Hochschule Hannover on the topic of sustainable circular economy.

LABi3 implements design thinking in teaching to inspire and motivate students to independently develop ideas and set up concepts for research projects with the goal to improve the sustainable footprint of bioprocesses. The method enabled the students to work in a collaborative atmosphere associated with lively communication.

Scholarship Programme

LABi3 stands for broad international exchange. Albania, Hungary, Finland and Colombia are the countries were we sent students to and where our exchange students are coming from. Despite student exchange we also have the opportunity to invite staff or send staff in these countries. Because of the very special situation in the last semesters we developed hybrid settings to let the students have the experience of being abroad additionally. Despite the difficulty of lockdown we were very lucky in having international students here in Germany to discover intercultural diversity hands-on. One tool for this is the “Diary of Foreignness” which every LABi3 students has to write as a basis for common intercultural discovery.

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