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NEXSTER - the Entrepreneurship Centre of the Hochschule Hannover (Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts)

We help people like you, who are interested in founding a company, to successfully develop and turn their own ideas into products, services and companies.

For this purpose, we support you - no matter whether you are a student, a graduate or a research associate - with a multi-layered offer.

Our goal is to show entrepreneurship as an exciting alternative to being an employee and to reduce fears and prejudices against self-employment.

The NEXSTER team listens to your startup project and analyses where you have already done a good job - and where there is still potential for optimisation. Our coaching tasks include, for example:

  • Developing people, who want to set up a business, into entrepreneurial personalities
  • Assistance in the development/refinement of ideas
  • Carrying out a potential analysis to assess the market chances of your idea
  • Developing a concept that fits the market and the target group
  • Exploration of funding opportunities
  • Networking with business, partners and supporters
  • Consultancy during the startup and market entry phase
  • Crisis intervention

Furthermore, we offer workshops, continuing education courses and various seminars every semester - from brainstorming to convincing presentations.

All our coaching sessions and workshops are free of charge for members and alumni of the Hochschule Hannover (Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts).

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Entrepreneurship Centre

The Hochschule Hannover (Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts) University of Applied Sciences and Arts Ricklinger Stadtweg 120 30453 Hanover (On the 2nd Floor, rooms 12 to 16)

+49 511 9296-2760




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