Research priorities of the Hochschule Hannover (Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts) on the HRK research map

The Hochschule Hannover (Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts) is characterised by a variety of research activities which, for the sake of clarity, have been grouped into three overarching research priorities.

In these three focal points, competences are bundled and solutions for current and future social questions and challenges are developed in interdisciplinary cooperation.


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Quality of life

The research focus "Qualities of life" encompasses the various dimensions of the quality of life in a society characterised by manifold changes. They concern social, individual, economic, technological and microbiological issues and developments.


Energy and resource efficiency

To meet the demands of modern industrial society, the use of energy, raw materials, technical and human resources must be organised efficiently. The research focus bundles all of HS Hanover's research activities in the field of energy and resource efficiency.


Networked future: Computer Science and Media

Digital networking of systems, media and people is omnipresent in our society. Interdisciplinary research groups are dedicated to this future field from (a) a technological perspective (computer science), (b) a human-machine interface perspective, (c) an application perspective.


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