Application process for the Studienkolleg

Please be sure to make a note of the application deadlines.

All application documents must have been submitted for examination to uni-assist by 15.05. (winter semester) and by 15.11. (summer semester), so that it can be guaranteed that your application will be forwarded to Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts in due time.

The Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts has been conducting an external preliminary examination for foreign applicants and German applicants with foreign certificates of education since May 1, 2004. The “uni-assist” (work and service office for international students), an institution operated jointly by universities and colleges, currently carries out such an expert examination for a fee.

If you have to attend the Studienkolleg, you will receive an invitation to take the entrance test at the Lower Saxony Studienkolleg from the student administration of the Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts, after your application documents have been checked and approved by uni-assist. This invitation will state the date, place, costs and test content.

The Lower Saxony Studienkolleg at the University of Hannover prepares foreign applicants whose certificates of education do not allow them to start studying at the university directly in pre-study courses for their studies at a university.

In order to be admitted to the admission test for the Lower Saxony Studienkolleg, the prospective student must meet the language requirements of the Goethe Certificate Deutsch B1, telc B1 or ÖSD B1.

The entrance test consists of a German language and a mathematics examination. After successful completion of the entrance test, the participants with the best results receive a place in the Studienkolleg (this depends on the number of places to be allocated). If you receive a place in the Studienkolleg, you can take the assessment test after two semesters. Once you have successfully passed the assessment test, you can re-register at the Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts. A new application is then no longer necessary, as your application documents, which have been checked by uni-assist, are already available to the Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

If the assessment test certificate cannot be issued by the Lower Saxony Studienkolleg in time for the application deadline of January 15 or July, 15 please have a certificate with a preliminary grade issued, so that you can take part in the selection process for the allocation of study places at the HsH.

Go to the Studienkolleg website to find information on other Studienkollegs, so that you can apply to the different one if you want.


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