Application with Foreign Certificates of Education

Application Information for Prospective Students with Foreign Certificates of Education

If you received your educational qualifications in a foreign country, these must be examined for admission to higher education, regardless of your nationality.

This formal examination has been carried out by “uni-assist”, an institution that is operated jointly by the universities and is the work and service center for international study applications, since 1 May 2004.

The Hannover University of Sciences and Arts(HsH – Hochschule Hannover)  accepts online-only applications via uni assist  using non-certified copies of certificates.
An online application with uploaded documents is sufficient.


More information on the processing costs

You can find further information on the application procedure at:

Application deadlines and special differences

uni-assist Application

You can find further information on registration and application on the uni-assist website.


You can find detailed information about the application process for the Studienkolleg on our website.



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