Application with Foreign Certificates of Education

Application Information for Prospective Students with Foreign Certificates of Education

If you received your educational qualifications in a foreign country, these mustbe examined for admission to higher education, regardless of your nationality.

This formal examination has been carried out by “uni-assist”, an institution that is operated jointly by the universities and is the work and service center for international study applications, since 1 May 2004.

Effective from summer semester 2021:

the Hannover University of Sciences and Arts(HsH – Hochschule Hannover)  accepts online-only applications via uni assist  using non-certified copies of certificates.
An online application with uploaded documents is sufficient.


More information on the processing costs

You can find further information on the application procedure at:

Application deadlines and special differences

uni-assist Application

You can find further information on registration and application on the uni-assist website.


You can find detailed information about the application process for the Studienkolleg on our website.

Study Camp

The International Office organizes the Study Camp for freshmen and visiting students at the Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts.
It enables future students to successfully start their studies and offers space to get to know each other.
The International Office organizes the Study Camp in cooperation with the Center for Key Qualifications and the Center for Foreign Languages.



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