Examination results

Examination results of language courses and placement tests

Our language courses end with an examination. If you pass this examination, you will receive a certificate of achievement on request. If you have not taken the examination, we will issue you with a certificate of attendance (without ECTS) if you attend the course regularly. Regular attendance is a prerequisite for participation in the examination. 

All students, who require recognition of language examinations taken as an elective or optional subject, must register with their respective examination office.

Students, who need a certificate of achievement or a certificate of attendance, should contact the Service Center for Teaching Excellence - Language Center.

All information is without guarantee. Errors and omissions excepted.

Due to current events, we do not issue language certificates in person at the moment. In case of an emergency, we will send you the certificates for a language course in digital form.

You can access the examination results via this link.