intoSTUDY University Classes

The project intoSTUDY includes regular Bachelor courses of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover. The courses will be held in English until the participants reach a level of proficiency in which they can follow the lectures in German. Participants receive a certificate upon completion of every university course. The subject examinations taken during the three semesters offer the opportunity for orientation and preparation for future studies and can later be credited in part to individual study programs.

The university courses are mainly part of MINT-based study programs (Math, Computer Science, Nature Science and Engineering). Courses from subjects such as law, communication and research methods are also offered.

The curriculum during the three semesters consists of the following lectures (e.g.):

  • Scientific Working Techniques

  • Professional Communication

  • Foundations of Mathematics

  • Foundations of Computer Science

  • Introduction to German Law

  • Introduction to Programming