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“My experience in the program was very good. The educational level is very good, also the German teacher and the German level is the best. I will continue it to the end because I found what I want to do for my future in this program. Also the activities give us a lot of opportunities to see Germany and to meet a lot of new people. This helps me to integrate in the society and I'm very glad of being a part of this project.” - Ehsan

“With this project my future is closer and cooler. Normally students should study hard and are alone but with this project you are not alone.” - Tahir

“Through this project I've had the chance to improve my german language, continue my education and be part of some interesting events and trips.” - Abdul

“It was a lovely opportunity for me to attend the event, because it was very beneficial for my studies and what path I want to take in future regarding my career.” - Hevin

“This project throughout its informative classes, has strengthened my ability to think and write in a scientific way, which also made me more prepared for my future career and taught me how to solve problems using this type of thinking and gave me the chance to meet nice people who are always ready to help and share their knowledge.” - Rabee

“Hey Friends! I want to say something about this Project ”intoSTUDY”. I highly appreciate this project because this is a good platform where the people can learn many more in their life. Actually I have learned lot of things here: what the team work is and how to cooperate and interact with others . The courses which the Hochschule offers, are very useful for those who want further study. The main target of the project is to help such, who really want to study in Deutschland. In this project anyone feels that teachers and the project team are very friendly and helpful too. Really, I feel very comfortable here. We are working together like a family as well as making fun, visiting many places together and sharing the problem make us easy to be extroverted. So, I feel lucky being part of this project and thank you all the team of this project.” - Monika

“Dieses Projekt ist die wahre Bedeutung der sogenannten zweiten Chance im Leben.” - Mohammed

“Through this project I was able to get to know friendly people. I find out that studying programming was not as difficult as I had imagined and I can succeed. The responsible people are friendly and lovely and they help the students with everything they can and I have had the chance to attend cool events.“ - Anas

تجربتي بالبرنامج كانت منيحة المستوى التعليمي كتير منيح و كمان أنسة الالماني و مستوى الالماني ممتازين رح اكمل للأخير لانو لقيت شو بدي اعمل بالمستقبل ضمن البرنامج كمان النشاطات يلي بتعطي مجال لنشوف المانيا و نشوف ناس جديدة هالشي بساعد عالاندماج بالمجتمع الالماني و انا مبسوط لاني جزء من المشروع  - Ehsan

من خلال هذا المشروع أتيحت لي الفرصة لتحسين لغتي الالمانية، اتمام دراستي الجامعية و ان اشارك بالعديد من النشاطات والرحلات المختلفة - Abdul

كانت فرصة جميلة بالنسبة لي لحضور هذا الحدث، لأنها كانت مفيدة جداً لدراستي والمسار الذي  أريد أن اتخذه في المستقبل بشأن حياتي  المهنية - Hevin

من خلال هذا المشروع استطعت ان اتعرف على اشخاص ودودون و اكتشف بان دراسة البرمجة ليست صعبة مثل ما تخيلت و انني استطيع النجاح بها و الاشخاص المسؤلين ودودين و يحبون مساعدة الطلاب بكل ما يسطتيعون و لقد اتيحيت لي الفرصة لحضور مناسبات جميلة - Anas

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