Courses in the field of interculturality, integration und diversity

Students and lecturers at the Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HsH) have the opportunity to further expand their personal range through training in the area of intercultural skills.

The courses in the fielt of interkulturality, integration and diversity are anchored in the Servicezentrum Lehre of the Hanover University of Applied Sciences of Arts (HsH).

Some of these events take place in cooperation with the faculties of the HsH.

Key data of the modul:


Instructors: Dr. Oliver Eß, Robert Westendorf

Language of instruction: English

Curriculum Allocation:

Course Type, Contact hours per week: Seminar, 2 hrs/week

TCTS Credits: 3


Student Workload: 32 contact hours per week, additional hours of self-study

Suggesttions for Self-Study: Coursework Preparation and Follow-up

Recommended Prerequisites: None specified

Group size: 20


Learning Outcomes:
The students possess the main tools for an effective intercultural communication. They are able to describe and reflect their own conduct and that od others, and understand how intercultural interaction takes place in a working or educational environment.

-  Descriptions of different cultures,
-  Cultures of work, of learning, and subjekt-specific cultures,
-  Communication models and descriptions.


Requirements for Contact Hours: Preparation of course materials

Requirements for Self-Study: Follow-up based on coursework

Reading: Will be announced during course

Your contact person to Servicezentrum Lehre:

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