Career Center: „How to rock an international career" – mit Faurecia

10:00 Uhr - 12:00 Uhr

In this Session we will introduce the advantage of an international career and its importance showing the difference of working in different Countries. Scope of this Workshop will also be the understanding which Countries will be more in line for each one und which are the opportunities to start an international career.


Career Center (Webinar mit Faurecia)

Contents of the event:

  • Introduce the advantage of an international career
  • Introduce the importance of having an international background
  • Introduce the difference of working in different Countries
  • Try to understand which Country could fit better for each
  • Which possibilities do I have to go abroad? (VIE – Intern – Thesis)
  • How to prepare to perform best
  • How can I use what I have learned

The webinar is held in cooperation with Faurecia.

Management: Kristin Band,Deputy Country HR Director Faurecia

You will receive the link to the webinar by email a few days before the event.

Students and graduates of Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts can participate up to one year after graduation. Participation is free of charge.

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