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Informations for Refugees

These pages provide resources for people who are interested in studying at the Hochschule Hannover (HsH) and for those who wish to support these people.

Extensive general information for studying in Lower Saxony in German, English, French and Standard Arabic, can be found here.


Project intoSTUDY

The project intoSTUDY is a refugee integration initiative by the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover. It is designed with courses from the MINT area (mathematics, computer science, natural sciences, technology), which will be taught in English, as well as provide enrollment in a German language course. The goal of this project is to integrate refugees and other international students, after the completion of the project period, as a regular student in the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover or another German University.


Guest-student Status

In order to prepare yourself for studying at the HsH, the University is offering all asylum seekers and those who have been granted asylum, a free guest-student status. An application for the guest-student status must be submitted. You can find the application here.

It is possible to take part in one or more courses. Taking part in an exam is also possible by multiple courses. A maximum of eight teaching hours and 15 credits can be achieved per semester. These credits will be recognized upon enrollment in related study programs in the future.

The student advisors are happy to help with choosing and filling out applications. Here you can also find out when and where the courses will take place.

In order to take part in the courses in German, good basic language skills are required, comparable to B2-Level. The same is necessary for courses in English.

To improve the language skills, the Language Center of the HsH is offering language partners. If you are interested, please contact Frau Ahrberg.

Students with guest-status can attend the Hochschulsport Basic offers for free. They can also use the libraries at the HsH, but borrowing materials is not yet possible.

Eligibility Requirements

   University Entrance Eligibility

The criteria for eligibility to study for people with a refugee-background is the same as everyone who has obtained university entrance qualifications, for example Abitur, abroad. You can inform yourself here, but of course you can always ask the student advisors. The counselling services are free.

Uni-Assist is the job and service portal for applications from international students. It is possible to apply through Uni-Assist by sending completed application documents.

Alternatively, ZSW - student counselling under, can provide a certification for proof of study intent, if the potential applicant can prove their interest in studying. Taking part of a course as a guest student is an example of how to prove study intent.

Further support with the application procedures can be found here.

   Language Skills

In order to study at the HsH, your German language skills need to be proven. You can find the exact specifications and accepted certifications on this site.

On the new online information portal, you can find different analog and digital language learning offers from course providers in the state and communities within Lower Saxony. The portal is free on every web browser and is accessible on smartphones and tablets. The information is available in various languages (Arabic, English, French, Persian).

If a refugee has a residence permit they can, at the very least, be enrolled in a state-run integration course. The state program for educational counselling with Garantiefonds Hochschule shows the options for free German courses up to the C2 Level. The online version of the brochure can be downloaded for free.

For counselling regarding the language acquisition for studies, you can contact the educational counselling “Bildungsberatung Garantiefonds Hochschule”, for assistance.

Hannover Bildungsberatung GF-H by JMD of Caritas Hannover

Kopernikusstr. 3
30167 Hannover
Lothar Heimberg
Barbara Knickrehm
Büro: Martyna Skripek
Tel.: 0511 328526


   BAföG and Semester Scholarship Contributions from the Student Union

The BAföG is a state-run financial support  union for students. Depending on your financial situation, you may receive up to 670 Euro per month to pay for your education. Usually, your studies should have begun before the age of 30. BAföG payments are 50 per cent grants and 50 per cent non-interest loans.

Recognized refugees (recognized asylum seekers, refugees with granted status and subsidiary protection, BAföG § 8 Abs.2 Nr.1) can apply for BAföG regardless of how long they have lived in Germany. Beginning 01. January 2016 the same will be allowed for those who are  waiting and with specific humanitarian residence permits, who have lived in Germany for 15 months.

More information about BAföG and scholarships can be found of the websites of the Student Union Hannover and with the social counselling of the Student Union Hannover.

   More Scholarships

Within the scholarships in Lower Saxony, especially qualified students who meet basic conditions for studying, but  who face difficult conditions and obstacles to start with studies, can also be supported. The Lower Saxony scholarship offers a one time payment of 500 Euro. For more information, please reach out to the contact partners for the respective university.

Various foundations (Deutsche Universitätsstiftung) and organizations grant scholarships and special support in language acquisition as part of preparatory studies (Garantiefonds-Hochschule).

Legal Information

General legal information, for example residential status, can be found at the site of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.

The Refugee Law Clinic Hannover offers free legal counselling from law students with support of  lawyers. The legal advice through Refugee Law Clinic is free, but in the case that a lawyer representation becomes mandated costs may arise. The team can be contacted in German, English, Arabic and other languages.

The website of the Lower Saxony´s Refugee Council lists various  are counselling services, aid organizations and legal offices.

Involvement and Support

People who are active volunteers with refugees should be prepared to deal with intercultural sensitivity and competences. For this, there are various course available.

Additionally, there are students who offer support in translation. Translations in English Arabic, Dari, Farsi and French are offered. Please contact Frau Ahrberg in regards to this offer.

The neighbourhood circles for refugee homes in the Hannover districts can be supported through the Support Circle for Refugee Accommodations in Hannover.

The Deutschen Akademischen Austauschdienstes (DAAD) offers a special program for members of universities who are interested supporting and advising refugees who are interested in studying. In 2016 there will be more seminars.

Further Information

General information about the city of Hannover with a focus on refugees can be found here. Moreover, there is an App, Ankommen (Arriving) created by the Federal Office for Migration. It provides all kinds of helpful tips for from asylum procedures about enrolling children in school to finding jobs.

Information for refugees who wish to study in Germany are listed here:

Studieren in Deutschland
Refugee Guide Online

On the website for the University Leipzig, academic refugees can exchange information and network with German researchers in order to maintain connections to knowledge and research.

The Kiron-University is an online University that provides people in asylum processes the possibility to develop further qualification at a university level, for free.

Contacts in the Hochschule Hannover

Language Center

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