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Why study at the Hochschule Hannover?


„I had a great time in Hannover and now that it's over I really miss everything.“
(Inga Zindulyte, Lithuania)

To say it right out: leaving your home country to come to Germany and join the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hannover has many great benefits. There are certainly good reasons why studying and/or doing an internship abroad has become an essential part of many academic programs.

Your benefit:

  • With its 10.000 students, it is a right-size university that offers advising and other support services tailored to the students’ individual needs.

  • Due to their international focus and their praxis orientation, Hochschule Hannover academic programs will be a key asset for your professional career.

  • You are not alone as an international student, because many other students from abroad have chosen the Hochschule Hannover for their studies. You will get to know students from all over the world.

  • International students as well as teachers are welcome because they are an enrichment for our university.

  • In adopting the National Code of Conduct on Foreign Students at German Universities, the Hochschule Hannover reaffirms to grant international students, wherever possible, the same rights as are available to German students and, above this, to offer them the services and assistance that they particularly need as foreign guests.

  • The University is constantly enhancing its international programs in co-operation with partner universities in Europe and Asia as well as North America. Building soft skills is an important aspect of these programs.

  • The ECTS credit transfer system is used in all Hochschul Hannover course programs.

Your stay in Hannover offers many different opportunities:

  • Learn German the fast, intensive and lasting way.
    The Language Center at the Hochschule Hannover offers courses at all levels of difficulty.
    For international degree students the courses are free of charge; exchange students from our partner schools pay a one-time fee of 75 EUR that entitles them to attend as many language courses as they wish during their stay.

  • get an advantage on the job market

  • experience life in a different cultural setting and gain intercultural competences

  • manage out-of-the-ordinary situations

  • discover new points of view in your field of studies

  • gain new perspectives on your own country

  • learn new working methods / problem solving strategies

  • increase your professional chances 

  • gain special qualifications 

  • master all kinds of challenges

  • experience your own personal growth

  • get to know new people

  • in short: have an unforgettable time!

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