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Language: English

Lengua: español

Langue : français

语言 Sprache: 中文 Chinesisch

لغة Sprache: عربي Arabisch

Tandem Language Learning

Tandem language learning is a mutual language exchange program geared towards students of different nationalities. Two native speakers meet regularly to converse and learn more about each other’s language and culture.

In doing so, they not only learn a language, they also get the opportunity to broaden their mind and to acquire intercultural competencies.



Learning goals

Tandem participants will

  • communicate their language and culture with a native speaker from another culture.
  • reflect on their own native language and culture.
  • improve their individual language skills in the target language.
  • be able to communicate with confidence in the target language.
  • acquire intercultural competencies.


Places on the Tandem program are subject to availability.

  1. Please complete this form to register for the Tandem program.
  2. We will inform you once we have found a suitable tandem partner.
  3. You can determine the time and place for your first meeting with your tandem partner in order  to define your individual learning objectives.
  4. There will be an initial meeting with a lecturer to discuss further course of action. Two more appointments in the Language Center will follow.
  5. You will meet regularly with your tandem partner and an equal amount of time will be devoted to both languages.
  6. You and your partner will keep a  regular tandem diary and write a final report. 


  • Tandem partners set their learning objectives individually.
  • Tandem partners should aim to invest at least an hour a week over one semester.
  • Tandem partners take part in three tutor-led sessions at the Language Center.
  • Each Tandem partner hands in a written report which includes: a reflection of all meetings, the learning process and progress (1 page in the target language or 2 pages in your mother tongue).

Certificate of achievement

If you participate actively, you can earn 2 ECTS and a certificate of achievement. Please note that not every faculty will recognize ECTS for the Tandem program. 


Feel free to contact us if you have further questions.

Contact: Catherine Bazil-Ottmann

Tel.: +49 511 9296-2098
Fax: +49 511 9296-2093

Office hours: Thursday, 9-12 am in ZLB-Language Center, Bismarckstr. 2, 20173 Hannover, room: 5E.2.26 (ehem. 226).

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