Study Entry Phase for Refugees

The project intoSTUDY is a refugee integration initiative by the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover.

It is designed with courses mainly from the MINT area (mathematics, computer science, natural sciences, technology), which will be taught in English, as well as provide enrollment in a German language course.

The goal of this project is to integrate refugees and other international students, after the completion of the project period, as a regular student in the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover or another German University.

What the project offers

  • Intensive German courses in the morning (up to level C1 and TestDaF)
  • University courses in the afternoon in English (from the 2nd/3rd semester on in German)
  • Daily Tutor sessions
  • Computer labs during class time and self-study time
  • Guidance counselling for careers and studies
  • Excursions
  • Application Training
  • Empowerment courses 

Exemplary schedule

Here you can see a typical schedule in the project. This is just an example and will differ in each semester.

Yellow: German class

Black: University classes

Green: Tutorials (attendance optional)

Funded by the DAAD from funds of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)