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Welcome to the Libraries of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover


Most of the books can be borrowed. The standard loan period is four weeks and may be extended five times. Books from the reference collection can be borrowed over night or over the weekend. Current issues of journals may be used in the library only.

Borrowed books can be returned at selected libraries within the HOBSY network including the Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology (TIB), the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Library (GWLB), the Library of the Medical School (MHH) and the Veterinary School (TiHo) Hannover and the Library at the Kurt-Schwitters-Forum (KSF) .

Electronic Resources

Besides print and audio-visual media, the library features more than 10 million electronic resources including databases, electronic journals and e-books. Here you can locate journal articles, read the full text of articles in e-journals and find information on a wide range of subjects. In many cases the use of these databases is restricted due to license specifications, e.g. access may be restricted to university members only. The library homepage has a detailed listing of these resources.


As a university library it is our responsibility to provide the media and the information which is needed by its members. The particular subject focus of the collection therefore reflects the needs of teaching and research.
The main library has about 100.000 books and 300 printed journals. The books are arranged by subject and shelved in open stacks.

How to find your books

All books and other media are listed in the online public access catalogue (OPAC). Here you can search for a particular title, or search for relevant books on a given topic. The catalogue also shows how many copies the library has of a particular book, its call number and current loan status. If a book is out on loan, you may enter a request into the sytem to put the book on reserve for you after it is returned.

If a title cannot be found in the local catalogue or in the HOBSY catalogue system, it can be requested via inter-library loan within the General Library Network (GBV). For details please ask the library staff.


The Central Library at the main campus in Hannover-Linden primarily serves the departments of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science and Business Administration.

In addition there are several departmental libraries in different locations:
Bio-Process Engineering in Hannover-Ahlem, Fine Arts and Design at the Expo-Plaza in Hannover-Kronsberg and Social Welfare and Health Care at Hannover-Kleefeld.


Anybody who visits the library may use its collections. To borrow books or other materials, you need a CampusCard or a library card (HOBSY-Benutzungskarte). This will be issued to you if you present a valid identity card or a passport as well as an official registration document showing your current address in Germany ("Meldebescheinigung").

We have to charge a fee of EUR 5 to issue a library card if you are a first-time user. CampusCard-members can use the library for free.

User Account

With the library card you will get a personal user account which enables you, e.g. to renew or reserve library books by yourself. The library card is accepted in every library of the local library network (HOBSY) but registration is necessary before borrowing books for the first time in each library.

To get access to your borrower data you have to login first. In addition to your card number (you find it nearby the barcode) you need a password. The default password ist your date of birth, e.g. 120591.

There are no fees for basic library services. However there is a fine, e.g. for overdue books or interlibrary loan and a charge for lost materials.


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