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ERASMUS: All of Europe in one Program


„I'm a little bit sad, because my ERASMUS semester unfortunately is almost at the end and I've really liked this experience here!"
(Camilla Romani, Italy)

Varied, reliable, and open for students in any subject area

ERASMUS is a part of the EU educational program for lifelong learning. More than 1.5 million students took advantage of this program over the last 30 years. Therefore – as an ERASMUS student you are not alone! You can be a part of this success story.  

General information on ERASMUS (provided by DAAD)

You may become an ERASMUS student at the Hochschule Hannover if your home university has an agreement of cooperation with one of our faculties. A complete listing of Hochschul Hannover's European partner universities is provided here.
The agreement of cooperation must include exchange places in your course of study. First, your application for an ERASMUS placement must be submitted to your home university. If your application is approved by your university, you may then apply directly at the Hochschule Hannover . 

Deadlines for application:
May 01st
for the nomination, May 15th for application for the following fall semester
October 15th for the nomination, November 01st for application for the following spring semester

Your benefits

  • Simplified application procedure 
  • No tuition fees at the Hochschule Hannover
  • Flexible program length; you can stay either one or two semesters
  • Full recognition of your HsH credits at your home university is guaranteed through the use of ECTS  

More information is available in the ERASMUS student charter.

ECTS and Learning Agreement

Before you leave for Germany, please record in the so-called learning agreement those courses which you intend to take during your ERASMUS stay at the Hochschule Hannover and have it approved both by your home university and by the Hochschule Hannover. This document is required in order to have your Hochschul Hannover credits honoured by your home university later on. 

Erasmus ID code of the Hochschule Hannover : D HANNOVE05

Please contact:

Helena Spies-Jitomirski
Bismarckstr. 2
30173 Hannover
Gebäude: Gebäude 5E  Raum: 5E.3.23  Tel: +49 511 9296 3794


More information on ERASMUS in Hannover

Erasmus: Forum for ERASMUS students in Hannover (in English)

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